Two farmers pay a total rent of $140 for a pasture. The first farmer placed $4 oxen in the pasture, and the second farmer placed $30 sheep in the pasture. The farmers split the rent based on the proportion of the pasture eaten by their own animals that month. How much should the first farmer pay, if 1 ox eats as much as 10 sheep in a month?

Accepted Solution

given that 1 ox eats as much as 10 sheep:4 oxen = 40 sheeptherefore,first farmer:  the equivalent of 40 sheepsecond farmer:  30 sheepthat means 30+40 = 70 animals eating$140 ÷ 70 = $2so it is $2 per eat2 x 40 = $80 for the first farmer's oxen2 x 30 = $60 for the second farmer's sheep