each of the circles below has an area of 196 pi square units find the perimeter of the rectangle

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Alright lets get started.We have given the area of each circle as 196 pi square units.since the area of the circle =[tex]\pi*radius^2[/tex]so,the radius of the circle :[tex]196\pi =\pi r^2[/tex][tex]r^2=196[/tex][tex]r=14[/tex]therefore the diameter of the circle will be [tex]2*radius=2*14=28[/tex]the perimeter of the rectangle=[tex]2*(length+ width)[/tex]the length of the rectangle will be addition of diameters of the circle=[tex]28+28=56[/tex]breadth of the rectangle is equal of the diameter =28Perimeter of the rectangle =[tex]2*(56+28)=168[/tex]Answer Β 168 units.