A water truck is filling a swimming pool. The equation that represents thisrelationship is y = 19.75x where y is the number of gallons of water in the pool andx is the number of minutes the truck has been filling the pool.Choose True or False for each statement.a.The unit rate for this relationship is 1 gallon per 19.75 minutes.TrueTrueFalseFalseb.This is a proportional relationship because the graph of theequation is a straight line through the origin.TrueFalsec. The water in the swimming pool increases by about 100 gallonsevery 5 minutes.TrueFalsed.A table of related x-and y-values for this relationship wouldshow equivalent ratios.TrueFalsee. The point (8, 150) could be a point on this graph.​

Accepted Solution

Answer: Β  a. false Β  b. true Β  c. true Β  d. true Β  e. falseStep-by-step explanation:a. False. The "unit rate" is 19.75 gallons per minute. The "unit" of a "unit rate" is in the denominator. Here, the denominator of the rate is 1 minute.__b. True. A graph of a proportional relationship is a straight line through the origin.__c. True. In 5 minutes, the water in the pool will increase by 98.75 gallons, about 100 gallons.__d. True. The ratio of a y-value to an x-value will always be 19.75. That is the meaning of this proportional relationship.__e. False. The points (8, 158) or (7.5949, 150) will be on the graph. The point (8, 150) will not.